The successful purchaser of Roundhill Farm will be offered the option to buy, by separate negotiation, the additional land shown on the extended map below as Big Field and Daisy Hollow. These two fields together extend to 6 acres or thereabouts and are separated from the main property by Back o' th' Low Road. Big Field is gently sloping and predominantly north facing, Daisy Hollow is predominantly flat but with a depression towards the south side of the field. Both fields are machine accessible, well drained and well fenced.

Both fields have been used for hay or haylage over the last 20 years, yielding between 25 and 50 round bales. In 2006 the yield was 29 bales. In late summer 2006 Big Field was ploughed and reseeded with a ryegrass/clover mix, and was cut for hay on 30 July 2007. The yield, from Big Field and Daisy Hollow, was 64 large round bales, which we estimate to be in the region of 2.75 tonnes per acre - well above average, even for southern, lowland pasture.

Both Big Field and Daisy Hollow (as well as the land included with the house and buildings) are extremely well maintained. The land has been regularly manured and limed and in 2006 was spread with basic slag. The land is, as far as it possibly can be, weed free and has never been over-grazed. It is, in our opinion, the most productive and well husbanded land in the area.

Big Field has a water supply fed from Roundhill Farm’s mains supply, and has wide, gated access directly off Back o' th' Low Road and approximately 150 yards from the main entrance to Roundhill Farm. The access to Daisy Hollow is from Big Field via another wide, gated entrance.


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